Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

1)  Is your Company planning an IPO?

2) Are you planning to merge with a Publicly Traded Company?

3) Are your yearly costs to maintain an Internal Control Environment OUT OF CONTROL?

Usually, Privately Held Companies don't have the expertise needed internally to identify Financial Statement risks and implement the controls and processes needed to pass muster with your External Auditors*Internal%20Controls%20Program*png?alt=media&token=a1ff6753-27b0-4dd8-813d-729d8167922b

We have over 25 Years of experience in working with both Public and Private Companies to help them implement Best Practices within their Budgets

We have the BIG 4 and Internal Audit experience to help YOU with your needs*four-types-of-ic*jpg?alt=media&token=d14e8d41-0470-4fcd-8c98-a38e67f6fe9c

We can help in several ways:

 1. Perform an Internal Control Assessment to Identify Risk Areas 

2. Develop a Plan to Implement Internal Controls to help you pass your External Audit 

3. If you already have a Project underway, we can provide additional resources to help you get to the Finish Line WITHIN YOUR BUDGET*success%20graph*png?alt=media&token=68e55d19-e1b9-4277-9c11-a304011c075d

Schedule a FREE 30-minute call NOW for advice on how to implement the Internal Controls you need for Success!*marcus-aurelius-pic*jpg?alt=media&token=fe6fc80a-2ad4-473d-b71f-b4991f48dd6f